William McKearn


Minneapolis College of Art and Design 1974
Currently in Chicago

Pierogi Gallery  NYC

After college I worked in boat yards where I picked up some basic skills.

In 1984 I moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn to work as an illustrator doing spot stuff in magazines and newspapers. I slipped into carpentry when illustration failed to pay the bills.

In 1988 I moved to Chicago and took up carpentry full time. Drawing was about the only outlet I had. I kept up some contact with college friends. I finally bought a house in 2006 and set up a work space, essentially starting from scratch as a sculptor. My friend Mike Ballou got me in touch with Joe Amrheim at Pierogi.  Dave Scher bolstered that connection.  I have one small piece in the collection there.

2005 Auk Dry Goods Show
Hamden NY

2015 I Gotta Go Show
Brooklyn NY

2017 Does It Fold
The Drawing Center, Pierogi NYC

2017 Mini
International Arts Academy
Ramallah Palestine